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 New and Different for 2014

What's the Best Unlimited Data Plan in 2013, and can you drop
limits without the higher price?
It turns out you can do much better than that- if you know where to look.

4 features show what a great plan would look
like for most, and a revolutionary $29 to $49 option different than anything you've seen.


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Rick Broida, Technology writer with CNET reviewing Solavei -

 . . .Personally, I think the big appeal will be to post-contract users like me who want the same (or at least comparable) service for less money. . 

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technology writer

 1) A low fee no matter how much you use.

Complicated cell phone bills seem to be on the rise without certainty about the bill amount until the surprise comes.


 On top of that, many feel like they're on the meter each time they use their phone.

See options here- or, maybe it's time your phone paid you.

Yes, it's happening in 2014 and you can take advantage of it.

2) No Contracts or credit checks.

It's an unusual industry that binds customers to a long term contract

- and more are starting to question the logic.
There are plenty of mobile companies happy to "give away" or discount a phone to make things look attractive- but that quick reward is typically offset with higher monthly costs they hope you'll overlook.

After higher monthly payments than necessary, that phone isn't so cheap after all.

Once in, you pay the higher monthly cost padded
to offset that nice cell phone.

Say good-bye to contracts.

 3) Good coverage with a major carrier.

No one wants to compromise an otherwise great data plan with a mobile carrier that's got lousy  coverage.


 No matter how good a plan looks, you'd be wise to make sure that you have good coverage in your area.

If you would like to check out an unlimited mobile deal with all these features mentioned put in your zip code here to check for coverage where you live.

 4) Payback Time 

What if there was a way to get a low $49 fee without contracts, unlimited data, talk and text- and the ability to get paid back?

 It's here, but you're not likely to find it at the high-overhead stores of major mobile carriers.

Solavei is a different kind of mobile company. It launched in the US in September and it's growing super-fast.

Of the smartphone plans available, it's one of the most unique and attractive to people looking for something better.

If you already have a T-Mobile or AT&T phone you can bring it, or get a discounted one already optimized for Solavei here.

While meeting the qualifications mentioned, the model also provides a way to pay customers for inviting others to sign up through they're own  unique link and website which is obtained at no extra cost

Sharing this data plan isn't for everyone, but for many it means not having to pay for their cell at all.

Click image on right for more, or see either video for an overview.  

 (Update March, 2014) Hundreds of thousands of people like you have joined Solavei in recent months.

For some it means growing a solid base of long-term extra income, paid repeatedly each month for as long as the people introduced remain on the plan.

For others it's just a great unlimited data plan because it meets important criteria without the high advertising overhead that makes low monthly payments possible

There are ways to break the chain of limits without the cost.

(iphone users- getting 4g speeds or better with the plan mentioned depends on where you live so check out the list of cities here)



Click the image above and see for yourself.

At only $29 to $49 per month or less, here's one answer to what may be
the best unlimited data plan for 2014 in the USA.


Click image above for more or to enroll.

At between $29 and $49 unlimited, is this the best data plan available for both android and iPhone? A growing number say yes.

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Solavei has a goal of creating one million "thousandaires".

Would you like to have your mobile data plan paid for, or  grow a sizable extra income that lasts?

See the video below to see what real people like you have to say.




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